Wedding rings and engagement rings: Which hand are they worn on?

October 11, 2021

Although the engagement and the wedding are two moments full of customs that vary according to culture, they also share many traditional elements with each other. And, there is one in particular that does not go unnoticed: the ring.

Whether for an engagement or alliance, couples strive to find the perfect ring , but after getting it the following question usually arises: What is the correct hand to wear it?

Let's go back a few centuries to find out where the tradition of the ring comes from, why it is used today and answer what is the right hand to wear it.

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An Egyptian and Roman tradition

The Egyptians represented love with a circle, since it is a shape that has no end. A circle is eternal, like love. Hence, today rings are worn to symbolize the love of a couple. In the past they were made with plant fibers, such as hemp, a material very different from that used today.

Years later the Romans sophisticated these practices and the woman was given two rings, one of iron and the other of gold. The first ring was worn inside the house and symbolized the strength and solidity of the union, due to the resistance of said material. The second was used outside the home to represent wealth.

Wedding rings have stood the test of time. They have evolved a lot, going from being made with plant fibers to rings made with 18-karat gold and with spectacular precious stones.

What is the correct finger?

Before specifying which is the appropriate hand, let's start by addressing which is the ideal finger according to the protocol for both rings: the ring finger . Traditionally it is believed that in the fourth finger of the hand there is a vein called "Vena amoris", which leads directly to the heart, and that is why it is the appropriate place to wear the wedding ring and the engagement ring.

On which hand do you wear the engagement ring and wedding ring?

In Spain the engagement ring is worn on the right hand before getting married. At the wedding, the engagement ring is changed to the left hand so that the wedding ring can be worn on the right hand. However, there are some regions in Spain such as Murcia and Catalonia where the alliance goes on the left hand. Although this is the most common, the reality is that there is nothing written on this topic and the answer varies from country to country and even at the national level.

Many women choose to wear both rings on the same finger, usually leaving the wedding band retained by the engagement ring. If you are thinking of wearing them together, it is important that you take into account the thickness of both rings, the size and the color of the gold.

Depending on the piece, it may be good to put them together. We can achieve a two-tone combination by mixing, for example, the yellow gold wedding ring ( 3mm alliance ) and the white gold engagement ring ( Luxembourg ring ). Still, the option is to wear both in the same tone of gold.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a wedding ring that suits you, as as you can see there are many aspects to take into account, so there is the option of designing your own wedding ring.

Ring size

Regardless of preferences when choosing rings, the difference in size between the hands must be taken into account, since the dominant one always tends to develop more. For example, if you are right-handed, your right hand will be one size larger than your left, and conversely, if you are left-handed, your left hand will be one size larger than your right.

If you want to leave both rings on the same finger there will be no difference since the size will not vary. But if the engagement ring was made based on the measurements of the right hand, and you want to change it to the opposite hand, the ring will be looser or tighter depending on whether the person is right- or left-handed.

To avoid an unexpected result, we recommend that before choosing the size and color of gold for the alliance, we take into account what our engagement ring is like.

Accessories at the wedding

On this special day, the piece of jewelry that is generally sought to be given prominence is the wedding ring. To do this, we give you some suggestions that will help you not make it go unnoticed.

We advise you to change the engagement ring to your left hand and leave only the wedding ring on your right hand. If you want to wear more rings, we suggest you wear them on your left hand as well. Minimalist rings, like the Vatican ring , are excellent to complement the engagement ring.

To add a touch of elegance to your wrist, riviere such as the Lynx bracelet are the ideal option. We recommend using thin and simple pendants that do not distract attention from the rest of the jewelry, and earrings that illuminate your face such as the Dafne , Glasglow or Eva earrings.

If you want to know what to take into account when choosing earrings for your wedding, read our guide here.

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