Personalized jewelry - BIJOYA

Would you like to design your jewelry?

At BIJOYA you can design your jewelry in 18-karat gold and diamonds through a 100% personalized experience . Our artisan jewelers, experts in the fine jewelry sector, will accompany and guide you throughout the creative process.
We create your dream jewel from scratch.
personalized rings pamplona

We tell you step by step

1- The design:
If you have seen it on the internet, witnessed it on someone else or it is simply a product of your imagination, we can manufacture the piece you want.
2- The material:
We work with 18kt gold (yellow, white or pink gold), diamonds and precious stones (sapphire, ruby ​​and emerald).


3- Estimated time: 
The estimated time for making the jewelry can range from 10 days to a month. This is because each piece is unique, the search time for each stone may vary due to our high quality standards.

    Some of our work

    Pamplona personalized jewelpersonalized ringspersonalized rings pamplonapamplona personalized ring

    Do you have a family heirloom jewel?

    If you have an old piece, we can help you give it new life by melting down your gold and using it to create a personalized piece based on your tastes and needs.

    Where to find us

    Visit us at C. de Tudela, 17, 31003 Pamplona, ​​Navarra . Likewise, you can consult our product catalog on our website if you want to buy online. For any questions, contact us at 948 15 00 86 .