The meaning of precious stones: What jewelery with precious stones to give?

October 20, 2021

One of the best gifts of nature are, without a doubt, precious stones. Their unmatched beauty makes them an object of desire, a symbol of power and exclusivity. They have always had ornamental purposes and, when cut and polished, they are set in jewelry.

They add a special touch of color and elegance to any piece of jewelry. Earrings with dazzling diamonds, rings with emeralds and sapphire bracelets are just some of the examples in which precious stones are the protagonists of the design.

Since ancient times there have been certain attributes that have been given to each one, giving them different meanings. They were believed to have metaphysical properties, resulting in the attribution of healing powers, both physical and emotional. Some gemstones are associated with energies that can make it possible for a person to find spiritual balance.

Jewelry with precious stones is usually the perfect gift for someone you love, not only because of its high price, but also because over time it acquires great sentimental value. So beyond what beliefs say, we often attribute emotions to a specific one.

But if this is not the case and we want to rely on tradition to give a piece of jewelry, this is your ideal guide. Here we leave you the meanings of the four precious stones: ruby, sapphire, diamond and emerald so you know which one to give next time.


The ruby ​​is given mystical powers capable of protecting the person who wears this stone from any danger. This makes it a good gift from fathers or mothers to their daughters, since due to its intense red color it is also associated with love. Both ruby ​​and sapphire have a base of corundum (a mineral found in both gemstones) so they are believed to help emotional balance.

Being a symbol of protection, we recommend something that the person always carries with them, like this ruby ​​lane ring .

Sapphire _

Considered one of the most difficult stones to find, it represents balance, spirituality and serenity. Furthermore, after the diamond, it is the hardest stone of the four and is attributed: honesty and purity. These qualities are key to the strength of a marriage, making the sapphire a substitute option for the diamond in the engagement ring.

If you want to give a gift to your partner that materializes the strength of the union, the sapphire ring is ideal, since it unites the two most resistant gemstones, the diamond and the sapphire.

In case this occasion has already passed for you,

You can give your partner another type of jewelry with sapphires. Like for example, the Noronha bracelet.


The gemstone par excellence and the favorite for engagement rings. Diamonds represent luxury and exclusivity. Being the hardest stone of all, it is considered indestructible. Perhaps that is why it is always chosen to represent the unbreakable union of a couple.

This is the option that never fails. There is no person who can resist a diamond, which is why it is the stone we recommend for all gift-giving occasions.

Earrings like teardrop earrings are ideal to give as a gift at any opportunity.


It is one of the stones with the highest value on the market. Its name comes from Persian and means green stone. In the past it was associated with eternal youth and healing properties for the skin were attributed to it. Thanks to its vibrant green color, it is related to immortality, and therefore to health and healing.

This makes it a good gift for someone you would never want to lose, like a mother. For this occasion we recommend earrings like the Siracusa earrings.

Although these are the meanings that have been attributed to each gem over time, the reality is that there is no wrong gemstone when it comes to gifts. When seeing a ruby, emerald, diamond or sapphire, anyone is captivated. It is impossible not to appreciate the beauty and value of a precious stone. Any of these gems say more than a thousand words.

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