15 businesses create the large “Luxury Pamplona” Christmas basket valued at €2,250

November 08, 2021

15 businesses in the luxury sector of Pamplona come together for Christmas to launch the large “Luxury Pamplona” Christmas basket valued at €2,250. The main goal? May we enjoy a dream Christmas this 2021.

The businesses involved, all of them renowned in Navarra, will give a single winner the large basket that will allow them to enjoy the local cuisine, relax in the spa, buy the New Year's Eve dress, the jewelry to complement it and much more.

The participating companies are: Bijoya Jewelry, Castillo de Gorraiz, Enekorri, Diario de Noticias, Asador Olaverrri, Intersport Irabia, Bodegas Inurrieta, Montrey jewelry, Jamones Romero, Ayestarán shoe store, Clínica Montes, Lia Carriedo, Saboya, Belar by Begoña Echeverría and Marivi Laspalas.

The basket is mostly made up of gift vouchers to spend in store, product bundles and unforgettable experiences to end the year on a high. A single prize with 15 experiences, each valued at €150.


How to take part?

This basket arrives to revolutionize Instagram and go viral, so to participate we must enter the platform and search for the profile of any of the participants, once inside, go to the raffle publication and follow the instructions.

The only requirements will be to follow the 15 accounts, mention two friends and like the publication. Once these steps have been followed we will be in the draw preparing to walk the streets of Pamplona like never before.

The draw will be available from November 10 at 3:00 p.m. until December 22 at 5:00 p.m., the date on which the draw will be held and the winner will be announced.



Bijoya Jewelry has been serving its clients for more than 50 years, accompanying them in their best moments and advising them with knowledge and closeness. They are specialists in gold and diamond jewelry, engagement rings and much more.

Its success is based on the quality and variety of items, made by the best national and international manufacturers, at a price that you can only find in a business with its track record.

Instagram: @joyeria_bijoya

Web: https://bijoya.com/

About Castillo de Gorraiz Hotel Golf & Spa

The Castillo de Gorraiz Hotel Golf & Spa is an exquisite and sophisticated 87-room, four-star superior Boutique Hotel, where tradition, history and lifestyle come together. Inside, the fusion of stone, wood, velvet, works of art and exclusive designer furniture generate a unique atmosphere. A perfect place to enjoy relaxation, a natural environment, and wonderful tranquility, just 5 km from the city of Pamplona.

Instagram: @castillodegorraizhotel

Web: https://www.cghotel.es/index-spa.asp?Idioma=Es 

About Enekorri

Enekorri opened its doors more than thirty-eight years ago and is one of the gastronomic references in Pamplona. The basis of its success is based on the virtues of the product, presented in the form of traditional recipes or more sophisticated preparations with signature touches, but always respecting the flavors of the raw materials from the rich regional pantry.

Instagram: @enekorrirestaurant

Web: http://enekorri.com/ 

About Montes Clinic

The Montes Clinic was founded in 1986 by Dr. Pablo Montes Ros and since its beginnings, they have worked with the same objective: to give you close, professional and personalized care. To do this, they have a human and technical team of the highest quality specialized in the most complete care of your oral health. Whatever your case, they have a solution for you.

Instagram: @clinicamontes

Web: https://clinicamontes.es/

About News Journal

Diario de Noticias is a newspaper published in Pamplona and is one of the two main newspapers in Navarra. Its mission is to promote and defend a free, democratic, integrative and plural Navarra, contributing to its economic and social development, providing our audience with accessible, quality, truthful and free information.

Instagram: @noticiasnavarra_oficial

Web: https://www.noticiasdenavarra.com/ 

About Asador Olaverri

Since 1963, Asador Olaverri has been a reference point for tradition, gastronomy and good eating in Pamplona. The familiar treatment of its customers, the best quality in its products and their preparation makes it a pleasant place to enjoy a lunch, dinner or family event.

Instagram: @asadorolaverrioficial

Web: http://www.asadorolaverri.com/ 

About Intersport

Intersport is the main sports store in Pamplona. It has more than 160 sports stores in Spain and around 6,000 stores around the world. At Intersport you will find a large selection of sports equipment: football products, running, sports fashion, fitness, as well as many other sports. It also has the best sports brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, Asics, Reebok and Under Armour, among others.

Instagram: @intersportirabia

Web: https://www.intersport.es/ 

Inurrieta Winery

Bodega Inurrieta is the winery par excellence of Pamplona. Built in 2002, it is dedicated to the production and marketing of high quality and highly enjoyable red, white and rosé wines. Its main differentiation is based on its own vineyards and its own facilities for full control of the production process and for the achievement of wines with their own and notable personality.

Instagram: @bodegainurrieta

Web: https://www.bodegainurrieta.com/ 

About Romero Hams

The Romero family has been dedicated to the world of food since 1965. There are already three generations dedicated to the jewel of our gastronomy: ham. More than 50 years of dedication and effort to offer the best flavors, aromas and nuances. The quality of the products they select is what we want to see on our table: the best hams and sausages produced in our country. Therefore, its hallmark could not be other than quality and its objective: to get it to its customers.

Instagram: @jamonesromero

Web: https://jamonesromero.com/ 


MONTREY is BIJOYA's most recent project. A firm created by the main family of Navarrese jewelers who pour their “savoir faire” of more than 50 years of work and tradition into a unique concept where craftsmanship and digitalization are the protagonists. The firm was born at the beginning of 2021 with the objective of reclaiming the luxury and elegance of 18-karat gold (1st law). Freshness, youth, minimalism and luxury are the words that best define it.

Instagram: @montreyjoyeria

Web: https://montreyjoyeria.com/ 

About Savoy

Saboya is a fashion reference in Pamplona. Born in 1955, it continues to be a consolidated family business over these 66 years. It is currently directed by Andrés Zarranz Elso, the third generation of the family. Savoy is differentiated by its direct and close treatment with the client. That personalized attention along with a high-quality product results in a boutique that you won't want to miss. Discover its multi-brand collections that stand out in the current European fashion scene, both for men and women.

Instagram: @saboya_moda

Web: https://tienda.saboyamoda.com/ 

About Belar by Begoña Echeverría

Belar is the main aesthetic center of Pamplona. It is located at Castillo de Maya 48 and has the latest treatments and the best products for the best care of your face and body, whether you are a man or a woman. Among its services you can find personal advice on aesthetics and fitness, aesthetic medicine, body treatments, facials, weight loss, hands and feet, and eyelash beauty.

Instagram: @belar_be 

Web: https://www.centrobelar.es/ 

About Ayestarán

Ayestarán is one of the quintessential shoe stores in Pamplona. It is located in the heart of the city and has the main shoe brands. In it you can find quality footwear for both men and women.

Instagram: @ayestaran_net

Web: http://www.ayestaran.net/ 

About Lia Carriedo

Lia Cariedo is a “concept store” with an urban and timeless style, located in one of the most beautiful squares in Pamplona. Among its exquisite selection of items, you can find clothing for men and women from brands such as MaxMara, Veja, Woolrich, Second Female or Wafflie. In addition, they have a collection of home items that combines aesthetics and functionality, resulting in avant-garde lines perfect for giving as gifts.

Instagram: @carriedolia 

Web: https://www.liacarriedo.com/ 

About Marivi Laspalas

Marivi Laspalas is a great fashion reference in Pamplona. Their boutique is located at Carlos III Avenue, 40 in Pamplona. Each season they bring a careful selection of luxury international brands and collections for women. Their kindness and closeness will make you feel at home. Its windows dress the city as if it were a contemporary art museum, giving freshness and excitement to passersby who come to see them.

Instagram: @mvlaspalas 

Web: https://www.mvlaspalas.com/ 

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