This Christmas give Styliano a gift

December 07, 2021

Gabriela Styliano designs unique rings for women who stomp. Their creations are made in silver and 9 carat gold with original shapes and beautiful natural stones.

It is a brand of Portuguese origin made for women with vibrant and overwhelming personalities. If you have a woman in your life who fits this description, here is your perfect gift guide depending on her personality.

Sophisticated and determined

A woman who inspires elegance and leadership. He is always impeccable no matter where he goes and his presence never goes unnoticed. He prefers fine and classic lines that complement him.

How to identify it in your life?

She is the woman with so much experience that you turn to her to fix any problem you have, she is your lifesaver.

Your perfect Styliano jewel

Tourmaline ring Rhodonite and iolite ring Ring with zircons

Flat Pearl Ring Metal Ring Pearl Ring

Bold and independent

She enjoys leaving her comfort zone and breaking paradigms. She is creative and, when the occasion allows, she incorporates colors into her look. He is not afraid to mix textures and prints, surprising everyone with his style and good taste.

How to identify it in your life?

The woman you ask for fashion advice. She can take a look at your closet and create a perfect outfit for you in a matter of seconds.

Your perfect Styliano jewel

Ring with blue topaz Ring with eolites Ring with tourmalines

Ring with tourmalines Tourmaline alliance Ring with malachite

Free and versatile:

She is a woman who transmits confidence and closeness. She remains faithful to her wardrobe and her lifelong favorite clothes because they are a symbol of her love for nature.

How to identify it in your life?

The woman you go to have coffee with and tell her everything as if it were your personal diary.

Your perfect Styliano jewel

Ring with tourmaline and amethyst Ring with aquamarine and kyanite Leaf ring

Ring with wavy lines Snake-shaped ring Turquoise ring

Do you want to know more about the brand? Read our blog about Gabriela Styliano here.

All the women in our lives are strong and incredible, so this Christmas express how much you appreciate them and gift them a Styliano design at BIJOYA.

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This Christmas give Styliano a gift

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