How to choose the perfect watch in your watch shop in Pamplona?

February 07, 2022

At Bijoya we want to be your trusted watch store in Pamplona. We have been creating exclusive jewelry for you for more than 50 years and selecting the best watch brands. Among them you will find both men's watches and women's watches.

We like to demand ourselves in everything we do and offer you the highest quality. Working for each and every one of you is a gift, but there is no better gift than your satisfaction after the purchase. We want to accompany you from the moment you see a product until you come to the store to make the purchasing process a unique and special moment.

But in the world of watchmaking, in addition to there being a large number of watch brands, there are countless types of watches and many differences between them. On the one hand, we find mechanical watches or quartz watches :

The mechanical ones work through a spring or spring that stores force to drive the gears that are responsible for marking the time. In this type of clocks the format is always analog.

In the case of quartz watches, the fundamental feature is that inside they contain a piece of quartz that, when receiving an external current generated by the battery, vibrates 33 times per second and this generates the movement of the hands of the watch. clock.

Another way to differentiate the options when choosing a watch is in the type of strap and closure :

Leather straps : they are the most typical when designing watches with a classic and elegant style. Their designs have a wide variety of colors and materials. However, they do not have much water resistance so the strap wears out and has to be changed from time to time.

Metal straps : if what you are looking for, apart from the quality of the watch mechanism, is resistance, you are interested in this type of straps. In this case, two types of materials are mainly used: titanium or stainless steel. Both materials provide great resistance to shocks, scratches or pressure under water, but titanium is lighter than stainless steel.

Plastic straps : they include materials such as silicone (flexible, economical and soft), rubber (rigid and breathable) or resin (resistant). This type of straps are designed for watches with a sporty and informal style, for any adventure. Ideal for those who wear a watch 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Nylon straps : thanks to this material, these types of straps are ideal to wear in summer since they are light and adapt perfectly to the wrist. In addition, its versatility in designs, colors and textures allows you to change it depending on the season of the year you are in.

Regarding the type of closure, we find two types:

Buckle : this closure is seen on all the types of straps that we have mentioned above except metal straps. Traditionally they have a single pin, but it is increasingly common to see them with two pins, which provides a different and modern touch.

Clasp : this type of closure works by pressure, it is very simple and provides security to the watch. The clasp type closure is characteristic of watches with a metal strap.

Next, you will discover the variety of very special men's watches and women's watches that are waiting for you in our watch shop in Pamplona.

We explain the brands we work with, the collections within each brand and what characterizes each of them.

Montrey : women's watches in 18-carat white gold and diamonds made with Swiss machinery, offering you all the Montrey quality and precision of the reference mechanism in the world of watchmaking. Designed for the Montrey woman: strong, elegant, feminine, unstoppable and brilliant.

Montrey Classic Ocean Watch : Watch made of 18 kt white gold with 72 brilliant-cut diamonds and a blue strap.

Montrey Classic Sunset Watch : 18-karat white gold watch with 72 brilliant-cut diamonds and mustard-colored strap.

Montrey Classic Flame Watch : White gold watch with 72 brilliant-cut diamonds and red strap.

Hamilton Watches : Created in 1982 with all the American spirit, the precision of Swiss machinery and its long history make Hamilton watches an international reference in watchmaking. The key to this recognition has always been innovation, for example in the 1950s they created the first electric watch with a battery or in the 1970s the first digital watch with LED technology.

In addition, Hamilton watches are closely linked to the Hollywood film world, appearing in well-known films: Underwater fights, Love in Hawaii (Elvis Presley wore the Ventura watch, the first battery-powered electric watch) or more recent hits such as Interstellar and Mars, etc.

This is why we offer you the Hamilton watch brand in Pamplona and we explain the available collections.

Hamilton - Jazzmaster watches : contemporary and current watches that will undoubtedly become the essential accessory for the most special occasions.

Jazzmaster Open Heart: the perfect combination of tradition and innovation. Automatic movement and precision of Swiss machinery that come together in this Hamilton watch that you can wear with a leather strap to give it a more sophisticated touch or with a stainless steel metal strap if you prefer to give it a more sporty touch. 995 euros.

Hamilton Watches - Khaki Aviation: with them you will fly anywhere with the great reliability and reputation that this collection has had for many years.

Hamilton Khaki Aviation X-Wind Day Date Auto : with all the precision of Swiss machinery and the quality of steel, this men's watch is perfect for letting your imagination fly wherever you want. 1095 euros.

Hamilton Watches - Khaki Field: military-style men's watches made to overcome any daily adversity.

Khaki Field Quartz Black : black quartz men's watch with buckle closure, a versatile piece that will always reflect the unique style and personality of the person who wears it. 495 euros.

Hamilton Watches - Khaki Navy : pieces inspired by the navy, offering you all the quality both on land and underwater. They have underwater resistance from 100 to 300 meters.

Khaki Navy Pioner Auto : men's watch with automatic movement , leather strap and silver dial, the perfect ally for any adventure, from sailing on the high seas to running to watch the sunset in the bay. 975 euros.

Hamilton Watches - Broadway : men's watch with a modern and urban style that makes them the perfect ally for the frenetic pace of the city's day and night.

Broadway Day Date Quartz : minimalist, elegant and sophisticated lines with all the Hamilton quality, perfect for special occasions. 585 euros.

Hamilton Watches - American Classic: watches with a classic style, but with innovative technology, being the perfect complement for any occasion.

Hamilton American Classic Valiant Auto : automatic watch with a silver dial and stainless steel metal strap . 625 euros.

Certina Watches : delight yourself with Certina watches and their history of more than 100 years dedicated to Swiss watchmaking, feel all their quality and precision on your wrist wherever you go. What makes Certina unique is the DS (double security) system , this is what gives the watches their great reliability and long-term durability.

No less important, all the watches are watches with Swiss machinery and carry the “Swiss Made” certificate , which not only defines the quality of the watch in terms of design but also what cannot be seen with the naked eye, the movement of the needles and everything inside it.

It is a brand that cannot be missing in any watch shop in Pamplona.

Certina Watches - Aqua: watches with resistance to underwater pressure up to 200 meters, making them the perfect ally for any maritime adventure.

DS Action – Sophisticated and modern blue dial stainless steel strap quartz watch . 465 euros.

Certina Watches - Urban: watches full of design, with a personal character and a lot of versatility.

Certina DS-8 MoonPhase Leather strap quartz watch with light blue dial. 765 euros.

Certina Watches - Sport: with a particular design and innovative technology, they will become the perfect complement for those who lead an active lifestyle and do not like to sit still for even a minute.

Certina DS Podium Gray Titanium : quartz watch with titanium metal strap and gray dial. 655 euros.

Calvin Klein watches : sophisticated and minimalist watches that will add style to any outfit you wear. It can be a day-to-day outfit or an evening event, with Calvin Klein watches you will always improve your look. In addition, they have attractive discounts that will undoubtedly help you feel the desire to wear a watch again.

Clock Calvin Klein K2G2714N : blue dial and steel metal strap. 339 euros.

Calvin Klein K8M2112N watch: black dial with metal strap . 239 euros.

Calvin Klein K8S211C6 watch: white dial with black leather strap . 219 euros.

Lotus Watches : the latest in watchmaking, both for him and for her. Lotus watches for cosmopolitan, modern and urban people, for those who want to stand out from the crowd and take care of their appearance and image. Lotus is aware of market trends, so buying Lotus is not just about purchasing a watch but a distinctive piece with personality and innovative technology and high quality materials.

Lotus Minimalist 12825/1 white watch : Steel dial and mineral glass, with steel strap. 99 euros.

Lotus 15798/4 watch : Black dial with blue details and black leather strap. 119 euros.

Lotus 18176/1 watch: White dial with two-tone steel strap (white and gold). 129 euros.

Viceroy Watches : being yourself is easier than ever with Viceroy watches, because style is the mirror of personality and with Viceroy you will acquire current watches, with innovative finishes and full of personality so that you stand out from the crowd wherever you go. go

Viceroy Beat 404083-35 watch : blue dial with brown leather strap . 79 euros.

Viceroy Air watch 401089-99 : white dial with steel metal strap 89 euros.

Viceroy Automatic watch 471005-05 : white dial and metal strap. “Skeleton” automatic watch in which part of the mechanism can be seen on the dial and all the gears on the back. 259 euros.

Festina Watches : watches for those looking for pieces full of details and functionality. If something distinguishes Festina, it is the ability with which it has adapted to new times and trends, thus creating contemporary, timeless and classic pieces, but always faithful to its original essence and character. Purchasing a Festina watch means ensuring you keep up with the pace at which the world evolves thanks to the unique and original style of its watches with elegant shapes and high-quality materials.

Festina watch F16629/1 : white dial and brown leather strap. 119 euros.

Festina watch F16780/3 : blue dial and steel metal strap. 109 euros.

Festina watch F16824/3: blue dial with blue leather strap . 89 euros.

If you need advice to find your ideal watch, you can visit us at C. de Tudela, 17, 31003 Pamplona, ​​Navarra .

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