Types of white gold earrings

January 19, 2022

White gold is the most used to create jewelry with diamonds and precious stones because it is the type of gold in which these gems shine the most. For this reason, white gold earrings are the most spectacular and should not be missing in your jewelry box.

Sometimes finding an earring that matches the occasion can be complicated, but in this article we explain the types of earrings that exist and which one to choose depending on the moment.

Long white gold earrings

These earrings are the ones that fall from the lobe. Although some can be used for everyday use, they are usually for special occasions in which it is appropriate to wear showy earrings with large, shiny gemstones.

Pieces like the Eleganza earrings are to be worn at special events, in which the clothing accompanies the elegance of the accessories. They are impressive and designed to make you fall in love wherever you go.

Nowadays, the minimal trend makes simple pieces like the Munich earrings ideal for giving a touch of elegance to your look without being as striking as the previous ones. They can be used at more frequent times such as evening events or graduations.

White gold button earrings

Button earrings are those that remain attached to the lobe and usually have a pressure closure . They can be for daily use or for a special night when you want more hidden earrings.

For everyday wear there are classic styles such as the Gozo, in which the diamond is set in a chaton. These are earrings to put on and not take off since you can combine them with any look and even pair them with more striking necklaces without making them look overloaded.

For special moments in which jewelry seeks to complement the wardrobe by adding a touch of light to the face, there are the Catherine earrings. Perfect diamond rosettes to complement the features of your face and let your beauty shine.

They are ideal for occasions when you want more discreet accessories so that the clothing items take center stage. This can be for a dinner with your partner as well as for a wedding where the dress says it all.

White Gold Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are capable of adding style to any look and should never be missing .your jewelry box

There are rings of different sizes and designs. The classics are the smooth hoops, but our favorites are the Marquise earrings. These are just as versatile as the classic ones and, thanks to their diamonds, they add a touch of elegance and femininity to the style.

Although hoops are generally used as an everyday accessory, the Arábigo give everyday hoops a twist. These white gold hoops have a unique design and are studded with diamonds, making them perfect for the night. They are ideal to wear with low-cut clothes that allow you to show them off.

There are white gold earrings for all occasions, from the most casual to the most special. There are true works of art that reflect the experience of master craftsmen and we can also find classic pieces made for daily use. The important thing is to know when to wear each style so that you always look incredible.


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