How to design your alliance with us

August 23, 2021

We know that marriage is a moment that remains in memory for a lifetime and the alliance is precisely the symbol of that great union that automatically becomes the most tangible memory. That is why at BIJOYA we want to advise you so that you can find your dream alliance. We have a wide variety of options that will allow you to obtain your ideal alliance. Thanks to the ELEKA website you can customize them and make your own design. Below we will tell you how.

1. Choose the SIZE, THICKNESS and WIDTH. On our personalized website you will have the options so that you can choose all the measurements according to the design that is your preference. Its distribution is easy to access, so as you establish your preferences, you will also be able to see the image of what your design would be like.



In this step you can choose the color of your wedding rings. Yellow, rose or white gold will be your options. You can also select if you want your wedding ring to have a single color or more than one. Finally, you can also customize the surface of the wedding rings according to your personal tastes.


You will also have the possibility of decorating your alliance as you prefer, there are different options that will allow you to give a different touch to your wedding ring.


The sixth step is to determine if you want to add diamonds to the wedding rings. If desired, the type of setting (level or pavé), their size, quantity, distribution within the wedding ring and location must be specified.


The last step. Many couples choose to engrave the date, a name or phrase on their wedding rings. If this is what you are looking for, we have the option of engraving on the inside or outside of the wedding ring itself. Again, it will be your choice. There are a variety of fonts, sizes and even symbols that you can choose to engrave on the inside of the wedding ring.

If you need advice you can find us at 17 Tudela Street in Pamplona.

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