Rose gold wedding bands: classic alliances

October 13, 2022

Rose gold rings, also called red gold, have a romantic and elegant essence. The shades of rose gold are warm and coppery. Rose gold is more innovative than yellow or white gold, rose gold alliances combine the tradition of wedding rings with the originality of the material.

These wedding rings are a good option for couples looking to materialize their love with a symbol of finesse and innovation.

How is rose gold made?

Rose gold is obtained by mixing the same materials with which yellow gold is alloyed, but in different quantities.

18-karat yellow gold has a percentage of silver and copper in equal parts; by increasing the amount of copper in this alloy we obtain 18-karat pink gold.

Maintenance: Does it require it?

Unlike white gold, 18K yellow gold and rose gold do not require maintenance to maintain their color. White gold has a rhodium plating that should be renewed every 2 years. If you want to know more about this, you can see our white gold wedding rings blog .

Below we will show you the different models of classic 18k rose gold wedding rings.

Classic Rose Gold Wedding Bands

Even if you select a classic wedding ring model, by choosing rose gold you already have a ring with an avant-garde touch.

Within the classic lines we have three models, the traditional half-round, the almond-shaped and the flat one. Now, we will explain the differences between these three:

Classic rose gold half-round wedding rings

They are beautiful alliances with a modern touch, although classic predominates.

These are traditional wedding rings. Its surface is round, so if we cut a half-round wedding ring in half we would find a profile similar to a bamboo cane.

The interior of these rings is flat and we can find them with different heights and widths. When we talk about the height of the ring we are referring to the thickness of its interior. While when we talk about width we are referring to the size of the surface.

There are two types of finishes: the silk finish and the gloss finish. You can see two types of widths and how the nuances look.

The ring on the left has a width of 4mm and the ring on the right has a width of 2.5mm. Both rings have a silk finish.

These alliances have the same measurements as the previous ones but in this case, the rings have the classic gloss finish.

18kt rose gold flat wedding rings 

Flat wedding rings have a flat surface, giving the ring a square appearance. In this model we can also find different widths, heights and silk and shine nuances.

Unlike half-round wedding rings, in flat wedding rings we can find two types of interiors, the flat and the curvilinear.

These are flat wedding rings with a flat interior. The alliance on the left has a width of 4mm while the ring on the right has a width of 2.5mm, both with a shiny finish. These wedding rings have a more square appearance than those with a round interior.

Wedding rings with a curvy interior are called "comfort finish" because thanks to their round interior, they seem to mold to the finger. The ring on the right is 4mm thick and the one on the right is 2.5mm thick, both with a silk finish.

Classic almond rose gold wedding rings

These rings would be an intermediate between the previous models because their surface is not flat, but it is not as round as the half round. The interior of this alliance is domed.

As with the previous models, we will show you two types of widths and two finishes.

These wedding bands are 4mm and 2mm thick, respectively. Both with a matte finish.

These wedding rings have the same measurements as the previous ones but with a matte finish.

To better understand the difference between the three classic wedding ring models, it is advisable to come to the store and see them physically. We are located at C. de Tudela, 17, 31003 Pamplona, ​​Navarra .

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