White gold wedding bands

August 24, 2022

White gold wedding rings have become very popular among couples looking for more discreet wedding rings than yellow gold or rose gold ones. They are the ideal option for brides and grooms who are not used to wearing jewelry on a daily basis.

Furthermore, if your engagement ring is made of white gold, you can combine it with your wedding ring perfectly.

How is 18kt white gold made?

Gold in its natural state is yellow in color. To obtain white gold, an alloying process is carried out in which yellow gold is mixed with metals such as palladium, nickel or platinum.

From this combination of materials we obtain a grayish gold with yellowish tones. Finally, the gold goes through a rhodium bath that gives it the silver color that we are used to seeing in jewelry.

White gold maintenance: Does it require it?

If you are looking for white gold wedding rings, it is important to know that this gold is the only one that requires maintenance.

With use, the rhodium plating wears off and the yellowish nuances, original to gold, reappear.

In order for white gold to regain its characteristic silver, the ideal is to give it a rhodium plating every two years.

Below we show you the different types of white gold wedding rings.


For those couples who prefer classic wedding rings, traditional jewelry models are perfect. Elegant and timeless alliances are born from the fine and simple lines of these designs.

We have white gold wedding rings with different widths and thicknesses. When we talk about the width of a ring, we are referring to the dimension of its surface. While if we talk about thickness, we refer to the height or thickness of the inside of the ring.

In classic wedding rings we will see different surfaces: half-round, flat and almond-shaped.

Classic 18kt white gold half-round wedding rings

Classic half-round wedding rings are once again a trend in the world of engagement.

These have a rounded surface and a flat interior. Depending on whether you want a more or less attractive wedding band, you have wider or narrower rings. There are also half-round rings with different nuances, such as shine and silk.

In the following half-round wedding rings you can see the difference between different widths and how the shiny finish looks. The ring on the left has a width of 2.5mm and the ring on the right is 4mm:

These alliances have the same measurements as the previous ones and you can see the matte finish:

18K white gold ring 4mm. Silk - P4-40-2-750-1-B-S-T7

Classic flat 18kt white gold wedding rings

Unlike the half-round rings we just looked at, these have a flat surface. In flat wedding rings we find two interior options: flat and round.

The alliances below are differentiated by their interior. Both have a flat surface but the ring on the right has a rounded interior and the one on the left has a flat interior. Rings with a domed interior will be more pleasant to the touch, while those with a flat interior will have a more square appearance.

These alliances have the same characteristics but with a matte finish.

Classic 18kt white gold almond wedding rings

In almond wedding rings we have a slightly curvilinear surface. They have this name because if we cut them in two and saw them in profile, we would find an almond-shaped outline.

To the touch, the interior of the almond model is similar to that of flat wedding rings with a bulky interior.

If you want to see the rings in person we recommend come to our jewelry store in Pamplona.

Almond wedding rings can also be found with shiny and matte finishes.

White gold almonds with different widths and shiny finish:

White gold almonds with different widths and matte finish:

Did you like the classic alliances? You can visit our configurator and design yours! To see the rings physically, visit us at our jewelry store in Pamplona.


These wedding bands are for those couples looking for a unique ring that reflects their personality.

There are different decorations and shapes that you can add to a wedding ring to make it completely yours. In addition, it is possible to mix different colors of gold in the same ring.

Below we explain all the decorations, shapes and color combinations.

Decorations of original white gold alliances

These designs give an avant-garde touch to traditional wedding rings:

modern alliance
Parallel lines
Stripes along the ring. The number of lines will depend on the width of the ring.

Horizontal lines

Engraving of stripes in a horizontal direction that extend throughout the ring.


Design inspired by the pattern of wicker basketry.


Two lines of small dots bordering the ring.

18K white gold ring 4mm. Glow. Points - P3-40-1-750-1-B-B-P-T7


A wave that runs through the center of the ring.

Horizontal lines

Small horizontal lines engraved in the middle of the ring.

18K white gold ring 4mm. Glow. Mojacar - P1-40-1-750-1-B--J-T7


Unevenness with a glossy finish in the center of the ring.


Two lines with a glossy finish bordering the ring.


Alliance with beautiful carved details on both edges of the ring.


Design with both edges uneven.

Satin groove

A sunken rail in the middle of the ring with a satin finish.


The edges of the ring simulate a nut.

To decorate your wedding rings you can click here !

Forms of modern white gold alliances

In addition to being able to decorate the surface of the wedding ring, the profile of the ring can be modified.

Below we show you different shapes of rings for your modern alliances:

Shape modern alliance


Couples really like this shape of ring. If we cut this ring in half we would see a trapezoid.

18K white gold ring 3mm. Brightness - P9-30-1-750-1-B-B-T7


These rings have a cone-shaped surface. If you cut these rings in half, their profile is shaped like a triangle.


These rings have the illusion of being two rings, one on top of the other. This shape can only be used on rings larger than 5mm wide.

Double plane

This ring shape is similar to the previous one but here, the ring that "covers" the alliance is flat.


Unlike the other alliances, the surface of the rings is "U" shaped.

Modern two-tone alliances

A modern wedding ring can also be two-tone. By combining white gold with yellow or pink gold, you will have original and very elegant wedding rings.

The two-tone white and yellow gold rings are avant-garde. They have a quite striking contrast, perfect for moving away from classic lines.

Another option that results in a beautiful ring with balanced tones is a white gold and rose gold ring. It is a more subtle contrast of colors and just as modern.

Do you want to design your own two-color alliances? Do click here !


White gold enhances the brilliance of diamonds, so white gold wedding rings are perfect for showing off diamonds.

You can add the amount of diamonds you want in your wedding rings. Depending on how attractive you want your diamond wedding ring to be, you can set diamonds from 0.005 cts. up to 0.060 cts.

There are two types of setting, each one gives a different effect to the wedding ring. The first is the "pavé" setting, which adds a square frame around each diamond, which makes them stand out more.

Below we show you some examples of this setting with rings of different profiles. The ring on the left is half-round , and the one on the right is flat.

The second type of setting is "level" . In this setting, the metal does not protrude above the diamond and makes the wedding ring have a more classic appearance.

In the following images you can see diamonds set "level" in alliances with different surfaces. In the photo on the left we have a half-round diamond wedding ring and on the right a flat wedding ring.

To design your own diamond wedding rings you can click here .


The next step to choose your perfect wedding rings is to know your finger size. You can check your size in our ring size guide .

If you decide to design your own wedding rings, you will need to know your finger size so that the configurator can calculate the price of the rings.


One of the factors that will have the most impact on the price of your wedding rings is the amount of gold in the rings. If you decide on discreet designs with fine lines, you will have cheaper rings than if you opt for more attractive models.

The final price is also influenced by whether you add diamonds to your wedding rings and the cts. that they have.

It must also be taken into account that the price of gold varies depending on the price of the day.

At BIJOYA all our wedding rings are made of 18-karat gold and you can get beautiful designs from €146.

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