Asking for the hand of Navarra: 10 ideal places

July 28, 2022

Are you thinking about asking for a marriage in Navarra and you don't know where? Proposing is a magical moment that will be remembered by both of you forever. Therefore, we want to show you which are the best places to propose to marry in Navarra.

Here we suggest some of the most charming places where you can make a very romantic proposal and which ring would be perfect for that place.

1. Las Bardenas Reales

They are a Natural Park considered a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Its fauna and flora are typical of the African continent. It is a semi-desert area that extends across the southeast of Navarra. The beautiful Bardenas Reales ring is inspired by this beautiful place.

The Bardenas Reales ring is a ring made of 18-karat pink gold, with a smoked quartz and 62 brilliant-cut diamonds.

Bardenas Reales Ring (1,480 euros)

2. The Source of the Urederra

The Nacedero del Urederra is one of the most incredible natural spaces to propose in Navarra. It is a set of pools and waterfalls. Whoever knows this birthplace highlights its beautiful turquoise color. The perfect ring for this charming place is the Lady Ana.

Credit: Cowboy Francis

The Lady Ana ring is an 18K white gold engagement ring with 34 brilliant-cut diamonds, 4 baguette-cut diamonds and an aquamarine main motif.

Lady Ana ring (835 euros)

3. The Royal Palace of Olite

Olite Castle is one of the most impressive in Spain. It is located in the central area of ​​Navarra. The castle fortress seems to have come out of a fairy tale. This place is ideal for making a medieval marriage proposal in Navarra.

The perfect ring for this magical place is the Buckingham engagement ring. It is an 18-karat white gold ring with 14 brilliant-cut diamonds and an elegant oval ruby.

Buckingham Ring (1,190 euros)

4. The Irati jungle

The Irati jungle is a native forest jungle found on both banks of the Irati River bed. It is one of the largest beech and fir forests in all of Europe. The ideal ring for this beautiful jungle is the rosette ring. There are many flowers in this charming place, which is why we chose the rosette ring as the engagement ring for this place.

The rosette ring is a ring made of 18-karat white gold with a main rosette motif composed of eight brilliant-cut diamonds in the shape of a petal and a central one.

Rosette Ring (1,318 euros)

5. Zugarramurdi Caves

Zugarramurdi is a small and charming town located on the border of Navarra and France. This place is known for its famous caves and witch rituals since medieval times. The ideal engagement ring for this place is the Cairo ring.

It is a half alliance ring made of 18-karat white gold with 10 diamonds set in claws.

Cairo ring (925 euros)

6. Javier Castle

Javier's Castle is a place of fantasy. Its size impresses and its robust style creates a charming and eye-catching look. This place is important for the Navarros since it helps understand the history of this autonomous community. The ideal engagement ring for this setting is the Carina ring.

It is a ring made of 18-karat white gold with a central diamond set in six claws.

Carina Ring (2,209 euros)

7. You are from the Catholic King

Sos del Rey Católico is a municipality located between the autonomous community of Aragón and Navarra. At the top of the Feliciana rock is the castle. Sos is made up of beautiful stone houses, facades with ashlars and shields, Renaissance windows and cobblestone streets.

The ideal engagement ring for this place is the El Hierro ring. It is a ring made of 18-karat white gold with a central diamond surrounded by 9 diamonds and several more distributed along the arm.

El Hierro Ring (635 euros)

8. Lumbier Gorge

The Irati River, which we have already known when we talked about the Irati Forest, continues its path and presents us with this charming romantic picture. The force of the water excavated between the Lumbier stones and created this narrow and high canyon.

The Mirny ring is a solitaire ring in 18K white gold with a diamond set in four prongs.

Mirny Ring (784 euros)

9. Roncesvalles

Roncesvalles is located in the town of Sangüesa. What differentiates this town from others is its legends and its history. This place is chosen by pilgrims to begin the French Camino de Santiago.

The ideal engagement ring for this place is the azores ring. It is a rosette ring made of 18-karat white gold with a central diamond and 12 diamonds surrounding it.

Azores Ring (604 euros)

10. Elizondo

Elizondo is one of the most beautiful towns in Navarra. It is bathed by the Bidasoa River and has the Pyrenees-Atlantiques in the background. This town has ideal palaces and stately homes with elegant wooden balconies. The perfect ring for this place is the Almagro ring.

It is a ring made of 18-karat white gold set with seven brilliant-cut diamonds set in six claws.

Almagro Ring (570 euros)

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