Asking for a hand in Pamplona: 10 ideal places

August 08, 2022

Are you thinking about asking your partner to marry you in Pamplona? Below you will find magical places where you can propose in Pamplona.

The proposal is a unique moment in which the couple decides to take the big step, a life together. This is a very important moment, so the place where you do it will be remembered for life.

At BIJOYA we believe that there is an ideal ring for every woman, and with the immense variety of possibilities that exist, taking all the details into account becomes essential.

If you are thinking of taking the big step, don't miss our list of the 10 most special places to kneel in Pamplona along with the rings that best match each one.

  1. The Pamplona Owl

At Restaurante el Búho you can feel as if you were touching the sky of the old town of Pamplona. Thanks to its location in the center, from its beautiful terrace we can enjoy beautiful views of the suburbs.

Credit: El Búho Skybar Restaurant

The perfect engagement ring for this place is the Buckingham ring, as it has a beautiful reddish ruby ​​that reminds us of the ideal sunsets from your terrace.

Buckingham Ring (1,190 euros)

2. La Taconera

The Taconera gardens are the oldest in Pamplona. It is an area that is today in the center of the city. These gardens have a walled part. This fortification is the limit between the north and west of Pamplona. Something that stands out in these beautiful gardens is the small zoo that La Taconera has.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The perfect engagement ring in Pamplona for this place is the Valletta ring. This ring has a beautiful emerald that reminds us of the lush garden that grows in this place. It is an 18-karat white gold ring with an oval emerald set in four claws and with 6 brilliant-cut diamonds on the sides.

Valletta Ring (1,864 euros)

3. Yamaguchi

Yamaguchi Park represents the union between Pamplona and the Japanese city that gives it its name, indoctrinated by Saint Francis Xavier. This garden is Japanese style and worships the four seasons.

Credits: Navarra Tourism

The perfect engagement ring for this place is the Pear Hibiscus ring, since it has a beautiful central sapphire that reminds us of the lake that is in the center of the park. It is a ring made of 18-karat white gold and has 28 brilliant-cut diamonds.

Pear Hibiscus Ring (880 euros)

4. The White Horse

The white horse is one of the most charming places in the city, a beautiful place to propose in Pamplona. The views are known as the best in the community.

Credits: Patxi Mendiburu

The perfect ring for this place is the Lady Ana ring. It is a sophisticated ring that reflects elegance, the same as this incredible corner. It is made of 18-karat white gold and has an aquamarine center stone. In addition, it contains 34 brilliant-cut diamonds and 4 baguette-cut diamonds.

Lady Ana ring (835 euros)

5. The San Fermín Chapel

This place is ideal for Pamplonic couples. If you are wondering where to ask for a hand in Pamplona, ​​in front of the saint is a great idea to do it. In Pamplona there is no church of San Fermín. The saint is located in the Chapel of San Fermín, and is in the Church of San Lorenzo, an 18th century building, in a neoclassical style.

Credits: San Lorenzo Parish

The perfect ring for this location is the Sarajevo ring. This is because its colors symbolize the Pamplonic tradition of dressing in red and white during the San Fermín festival. It is made of 18-karat white gold and features a brilliant-cut diamond set in a chaton with a border of baguette-cut rubies.

Sarajevo Ring (2,611 euros)

6. The Magdalena Bridge

The Magdalena Bridge is the most beautiful in Pamplona, ​​in addition to being the second oldest bridge over the Arga River. It is located in the same neighborhood of its name, which is the initial entrance to the city for pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago. This place is beautiful to kneel and ask for your loved one's hand.

Credit: Tourism in Navarra

The perfect ring for this setting is the Rosette ring. This ring made of 18-karat white gold has a rosette, which symbolizes all the beautiful flowers of this place. It is composed of 9 brilliant-cut diamonds, 8 petal-shaped diamonds and 1 central one.

Rosette Ring (1,318 euros)

7. Half Moon Park

The Parque de la Media Luna is one of the main viewpoints of the city, with superb views of the cathedral. It is located in the II Ensanche, close to the Labrit slope and outcropping the Arga.

Credit: Tourism in Navarra

This place is ideal for proposing in Pamplona. The perfect ring for this place is the Nicosia ring, it is a ring made of 18-karat white gold with a border triplet of 42 brilliant-cut diamonds and a center of 3 precious emeralds. This stone is the same color as the charming gardens of the Media Luna park.

Nicosia Ring (787 euros)

8. Castle Square

The Plaza del Castillo is the point where all the life of Pamplona is concentrated. It is a square that is located in the heart of the city. In the middle of the square we can find a music kiosk. This place is ideal to make your proposal in Pamplona.

Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The perfect ring to propose at the Pamplona kiosk is the Eiffel ring, since it is elegant and classic like the Plaza del Castillo. It is a half-wedding ring made of 18-karat white gold with a track of 17 diamonds set in claws.

Eiffel ring 0.245cts (668 euros)

9. Gorráiz Castle

The Gorráiz Castle is an attractive four-star Boutique Hotel complex created and personalized with sophistication and luxury, uniting tradition and lifestyle. It is the ideal place for an elegant proposal in Pamplona.

The ideal ring for this location is the Dublin ring. It is a ring made of 18 carat white gold with a brilliant cut diamond set in six claws and 2 baguette cut diamonds set on the arm . This ring is sophisticated and unique.

Dublin ring (5,283 euros)

10. Citadel

The citadel is a Renaissance wall that is shaped like a pentagon with bastions and ravelins. The Citadel is considered the best example of military architecture of the Spanish Renaissance and one of the best defensive fortifications in Europe. It was created to protect Pamplona from the enemy. Today the Citadel is considered the great green lung of Pamplona. It is a dream place to propose in Pamplona.

Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The perfect ring for this location is the Palawan ring. It is an elegant and classy ring, which reminds us of this wall due to its side rails. A ring made of 18-karat white gold with 11 brilliant-cut diamonds.

Palawan ring 0.30 cts. (876 euros)

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