World famous engagement rings

March 10, 2022

The engagement of celebrities is a topic that we all like to know: with whom, when the wedding will take place, the bride's dress and a thousand other details. But what about the celebrity engagement ring? We may see that world as something far from our daily lives, as these are people whose purchasing power is very high and the jewelry they commit to in most cases exceeds six figures... and what can we say about the carats of their jewelry? diamonds!

Below we show you the most spectacular engagement rings of 6 international celebrities (actresses, singers and models), of course, at the same time that we show you the most similar engagement ring options that you can find in your jewelry store in Pamplona.

Lady Di

Probably the most iconic ring of all time, the one that the young Lady Di received on her engagement to the Prince of Wales. The ring made of 18-carat white gold is made up of 14 brilliant-cut diamonds surrounding the central 12-carat oval sapphire . It is a ring that has become famous after requests from renowned Spanish influencers with a very similar design.

Source: Getty Images

The Hibiscus ring will make you feel like Lady Di when she got engaged, an 18-karat white gold ring with 32 brilliant-cut diamonds and an oval sapphire. With sapphire you will attract inner peace, serenity and balance to your body. Price: 797 euros.

Ariana Grande

The singer announced her engagement to Dalton Gómez in December 2020 with a 5-carat oval diamond ring set at an angle and accompanied by a pearl. It is a gift from her grandmother, so the jewelry as a whole has a very special meaning for Ariana.

Source: Instagram: Ariana Grande

At Bijoya you will find the Lyra ring , an alternative engagement ring in Pamplona to the one Ariana received when she got engaged, a ring made of 18-karat white gold, with 56 brilliant-cut diamonds in two crossed bands and a cultured pearl. Price: 995 euros.

Marilyn Monroe

Joe Dimaggio got engaged to the beautiful actress Marilyn Monroe with a ring composed of 35 baguette-cut and platinum diamonds that is currently known as the “ Eternity ring ” since the diamonds surround the entire arm of the ring, it is undoubtedly a timeless ring, full of elegance and style.

Source: Pinterest

With our Libertad ring (1 cts) you will feel as unique and exclusive as Marilyn, an 18-carat white gold engagement ring in Pamplona with a track of 9 diamonds. Price: 2584 euros.

Katy Perry

Actor Orlando Bloom got engaged to Katy with a 4-carat oval pink diamond ring accompanied by eight white diamonds that surround it forming a flower. An atypical design in terms of engagement rings but fresh and modern as well as elegant and distinguished.

Source: Instagram: Katy Perry

The Buckingham ring is an engagement ring in Pamplona made of 18-karat white gold with 14 brilliant-cut diamonds and an oval ruby. Thanks to the ruby ​​your dreams will come true. Price: 1190 euros.

Chiara Ferragni

The world-renowned Italian influencer got engaged to the singer Fedez with a ring made up of a round diamond on a ring surrounded by small diamonds. The singer asked her to marry him during one of his concerts in front of thousands of fans where Chiara could not hold back her tears and with good reason.

Source: Instagram: Chiara Ferragni

Feel the emotion that Chiara experienced with theKrusadai ring , made of 18-karat white gold with a central diamond set in claws, with a diamond border and an arm set in diamonds. Price: 638 euros.

Mila Kunis

The actress got engaged with a spectacular diamond ring surrounded by smaller diamonds. Without a doubt a design that over time will always continue to be a good choice, a classic and elegant piece.

Source: Getty Images Entertainment

With our Carina ring (0.50 cts) , a solitaire ring in 18-karat white gold with a diamond set in six claws, you will have in your hands a classic and elegant jewel that will never go out of style. Price: 2520 euros.

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