The engagement rings of the influencers of the moment in Spain

February 21, 2022

That moment when your partner takes out a velvet box, looks at you intently and asks if you want to spend the rest of your life with him, is magical and unforgettable and symbolizes the beginning of a new stage for both of you.

Currently, social networks are a reference for many young women of marriageable age. The influencers show us trips, vacations with friends, their favorite restaurants and favorite clothes, and most importantly, they share with us the happiest moments of their lives, such as proposing.

In this post we are going to show you 6 engagement rings from Spanish influencers, while at the same time we show you the most similar rings that you can find in your trusted jewelry store in Pamplona.

Maria Pombo

The Madrid influencer became engaged to Pablo Castellano in 2018. María received an 18-karat white gold ring set with an oval-cut sapphire and a border of brilliant-cut diamonds . Pablo asked her to marry him in Cantabria, their summer vacation spot since they were children and where they began their relationship.

The design of the ring is very similar to the one that Lady Di received from the Prince of Wales, it is undoubtedly a design that despite the years is timeless and a sure hit.

Source: Instagram: @mariapombo

In our store you can buy an engagement ring in Pamplona similar to María Pombo's.

Engagement ring with central oval sapphire and brilliant cut diamond border with a total weight of 0.30 cts. The Blume sapphire ring has a price of €1,225.

The Hibiscus ring has a central oval-cut sapphire of 0.84 cts. with brilliant cut diamonds around and on the arm. The total weight of the diamonds is 0.16 cts. The Hibiscus ring has a price of €797.

The Carolina ring has a central sapphire of 0.35 cts. with a border of brilliant cut diamonds around and on the arms of the ring. The total weight of the diamonds is 0.15 cts. Its price is €698.

You can get all of these engagement rings at our jewelry store in Pamplona or buy online .

María Fernández - Rubies

This renowned influencer got engaged to the dentist, Manuel Losada with a vintage-style sapphire and diamond ring . The ring has 3 arms set with diamonds to make it more attractive and original.


The Welsh ring has a central oval-cut sapphire with a border of brilliant-cut diamonds with a total weight of 0.17 cts.
The Hibiscus ring has a central pear-cut sapphire with brilliant-cut diamonds with a total weight of 0.16 cts. Its price is €880.
The Charlotte ring has the oval sapphire set in four claws with a border of brilliant-cut diamonds around it and brilliant-cut diamonds on the arms of the ring. The total weight of the diamonds is 0.13 cts. Its price is €795.
To see these engagement rings you can visit our jewelry store on 17 Tudela Street in Pamplona or visit our website to buy them online.

María García de Jaime

The young influencer got engaged in Rome to her partner Tomás Páramo, father of their son together, with a yellow gold ring with a stone in the center accompanied by two smaller stones.

Source: Instagram: @mariagdejaime

The Macarelleta ring is a very original ring with a wavy arm and made of 18-carat yellow gold with brilliant-cut diamonds set at the same level . Its price is €2,100

This diamond track is made of yellow gold and the total weight of the brilliant cut diamonds is 0.17 cts. Its price is €615.

To see more diamond rings similar to María García de Jaime's engagement ring, visit our jewelry store in Pamplona.

Teresa Andrés Gonzalvo

The influencer announced her engagement in a beautiful photo in which she appears hugging her future husband during the sunset on a beach in Formentera.

There have been many occasions in which Teresa has surprised by her taste and preference for the combination of colors in her outfits and on this occasion she has demonstrated it again. The white gold alliance contains an oval-cut emerald with a border of brilliant-cut diamonds .

Source: Instagram: @TeresaAndresGonzalvo

At BIJOYA our most similar engagement ring in Pamplona is the Blume green ring , an 18-karat white gold ring with 20 brilliant-cut diamonds with a border of 14 diamonds and an oval central emerald .

Another option similar to Teresa's ring is the Valletta ring. This ring also has an oval cut emerald and brilliant cut diamonds with a total weight of €1,864.

The Carolina ring has a central emerald with brilliant cut diamonds around and on the sides. The total weight of the diamonds is 0.045cts and the price is €684.

Martha Lozano

The influencer has gotten engaged to her partner Lorenzo while they are sailing on a boat in Jávea. Marta with a face of complete happiness shows her white gold ring with brilliant cut diamonds..

Source: Instagram: @martalozanop

At BIJOYA you can surprise your partner with the Quintana engagement ring , it is a ring with a central diamond and four other smaller diamonds. The total weight of the diamonds is 0.67 cts. and its price is €2,734.

Like Marta's ring, the Dublin ring has a central diamond with companions on the sides. The Dublin ring has a brilliant cut diamond, four baguette cut diamonds on the sides with a total weight of 0.87 cts. The price is €5,283.

The Krusadai ring has a central brilliant-cut diamond motif with a diamond border and diamonds on the sides. The diamonds have a total weight of 0.34 cts. and a price of €1,082.

After seeing these examples that we have shown you, do you have your favorite engagement ring? Without a doubt, doubts may invade us because the six rings that you have seen in this entry are beautiful. To help you, we leave you other ideas of engagement rings from international celebrities that you can be inspired by:

The world famous engagement rings.

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