Your wedding with BIJOYA: ideal looks with bridal dresses and earrings in Pamplona

March 11, 2022

When a bride is preparing for her big day, the first thing she looks for is the dress and the last, but not least, the bridal earrings. This accessory is key to finishing the look for the occasion.

We are experts advising on bridal earrings in Pamplona. So we know that to choose bridal earrings it is necessary to take into account the dress, hairstyle and face shape . If you want to know more about the subject you can read our blog: How to choose the perfect earrings for your wedding?

In this article we make combinations of wedding dresses with earrings in Pamplona to give you different ideas of what you can combine on your special day.

Look 1

We start with a classic and elegant long-sleeved dress with lace details designed by Jesús Peiró. This piece is from her Amalia collection and you can find it at the Organza Novias boutique in Pamplona.

It is ideal for wearing discreet bridal earrings like the Lia earrings. These are made of sterling silver with zircons and have a small drop that greatly flatters the face.

If you want to opt for bridal earrings made of 18-karat gold and diamonds, the Catherine earrings are perfect for this dress. Classic rosettes with diamonds and 18-karat white gold will complement the bride perfectly.

In the photo above: Catherine bride earrings

In the photo below: Lia bride earrings

Look 2

For brides who prefer a dress with some texture and a sweetheart neckline, the “Jeju” dress from Pronovias is the one. This piece with a princess cut and covered by delicate lace on the top is ideal. In addition, the neckline makes it very feminine and allows you to incorporate a long bridal earring. The deeper the neckline, the longer the earring can be.

If you want to add a touch of discreet color, the Dafne earrings are the ones for you. Made of sterling silver, they have a long drop, zircons and a pink stone in the center.

An option for bridal earrings in 18 carat gold and diamonds are the Óbidos earrings. Such a spectacular dress deserves earrings that do it justice. The Óbidos are long earrings with a unique design, ideal to complement this dress.

In the photo above: Óbidos bridal earrings

In the photo below: Dafne bride earrings

Look 3

Rosa Clará has dream wedding dresses. One of our favorites is the Olay dress from this year's Gatsby collection. It has a mermaid cut, is embroidered with rhinestones and shows off a V-neckline both in the front and in the back. In addition, it has the original bow detail on the shoulders.

As in the case of the Pronovias dress, the neckline allows for long bridal earrings and at BIJOYA we have the ideal ones. To complement the Gatsby-style look, we propose the Edinburgh earrings. They are made of 18-karat white gold and diamonds.

If you want another option for earrings, the Kayla earrings, made of sterling silver with zircons, are also a good choice.

In the photo above: Edinburgh bridal earrings

In the photo below: Kayla bridal earrings

Look 4

    This Victoria Imaz dress from the Nova Caeli collection is perfect for those brides looking for something different from the traditional. It is a mermaid dress covered by a skirt to transform it into a princess dress.

    It is a piece that you will surely surprise with, its beige details make it ideal for bridal earrings in gold tones. Nowadays, dresses with embroidery in these shades are a trend, so there are more and more special bridal earrings for these cases.

    The perfect earrings for this dress are the Lía, made of sterling silver and plated in 18-karat yellow gold with zircons. They have an unusual design and a fall that complements the bride's dress and face very well.

    The option for bridal earrings in 18 carat gold are the Hannover ones. These long earrings have smoked quartz and diamonds, following the golden tones.

    In the photo above: bridal earrings Lia

    In the photo below: Hannover bridal earrings

    Look 5

    This is a Manu García dress that can be found at the Gala boutique. It falls straight with a long train and beige embroidery on the shoulders. It has an open back with details of the same color.

    It does not have a neckline in the front so it is better to use discreet earrings to complement the dress. Megan's bridal earrings are very flattering and, being short, they are perfect for this Manu García piece.

    As mentioned before, since it has beige details, it looks good to wear earrings in gold tones if you want to highlight the color. That is why we propose the Babieca earrings made in 18-karat yellow gold and white gold.

    In the photo above: Megan bride earrings

    In the photo below: Babieca bridal earrings

    After having gone through the wedding dress stores in Pamplona, ​​we have made this compilation of our favorite dresses and the ideal Pamplona wedding earrings for each one. If you want to see more about how to choose the perfect bridal earring, visit our blog on the subject here.

    You can also continue exploring our website for more options for bridal earrings in Pamplona and if you need advice, visit us at C. de Tudela, 17, 31003 Pamplona, ​​Navarra .


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