BIJOYA jewels in the center of Pamplona

June 28, 2023

Catillo Pmplona Square

On June 15, the streets of Pamplona witnessed a parade full of glamor and style, where the models dazzled with the jewelry of our brand Dinastía Albina, by BIJOYA . The event, held in the heart of the city, brought together fashion lovers, jewelry enthusiasts and curious people who did not want to miss the opportunity to witness a one-of-a-kind fashion show.

Throughout the show, which was organized by Matsu Studio, BIJOYA presented five jewelry sets that are distinguished by a style inspired by royalty ( Reina collection ) and by a more contemporary style ( Infanta collection ). Noted for their timeless beauty and meticulous craftsmanship, these jewels caught the attention of onlookers and pedestrians on Carlos III Street.


pamplona fashion showpamplona fashion showpamplona fashion showpamplona parade

The team, made up of Andrea Michaus (makeup artist specializing in bridal), Metta models (modeling agency and creative studio), Inma Gómez Ateliér (specialist in hats and embroidery), Javier de Nieto (cinematographer), Andrea Loyola and Adrián Lopez (photographer ), tried to work in maximum synchronization to capture every detail of the parade in an emblematic way. Likewise, the team had the pleasure of having the presence of the models Lucía Echeverría (Miss World Navarra 2023), Leyre Mateos (Journalist at Diario de Navarra), Sara Torrens and Angela Cifuentes.

Next, we present the jewelry sets from Dinastía Albina by BIJOYA that conquered the hearts of the people who witnessed the parade in the Plaza del Castillo.

Queen Leticia Earrings

The Reina Leticia earrings stand out for their dazzling classic design. Its elegance and shine will elevate your look wherever you go. They are made of sterling silver with a drop of baguette-shaped white zircons and teardrop-shaped white zircons.

Pamplona bride earrings

Queen Eugenie Earrings + Queen Diana Bracelet

An outfit that, in short, exudes pure glamour. The Reina Eugenia earrings , made of sterling silver with a drop of baguette-cut white zircons, are characterized by providing a sophisticated and elegant look to the wearer. The design of these earrings highlights the natural beauty of the zircons, shining with every movement. Likewise, their versatility allows them to be easily combined with different styles.

Combining the Reina Leticia earrings with the Reina Diana bracelet is an ideal decision, as the latter provides that touch of subtlety that will elevate your look in a matter of seconds. Made of sterling silver, it combines emerald-cut zircons with brilliant-cut zircons.

Pamplona bridal earrings . pamplona bridal earringsPamplona bridal bracelet

Queen Grace Earrings

The Reina Gracia earrings , made of sterling silver with two white zircons and a drop that ends in a blue teardrop-shaped zircon, are the perfect piece for this summer. Its intense blue tone is truly captivating for any celebration, especially those held near the sea! It is worth mentioning that we also have her set, the beautiful Reina Amelia choker . The latter, made of sterling silver with white zircons set along the choker and a central blue zircon motif in the shape of a teardrop.

Pamplona bride earringspamplona guest earringspamplona guest earrings

Queen Livia Earrings + Infanta Clemencia Choker

The Reina Livia earrings, made of sterling silver and white zircons, have a distinctive vintage style that shines with a charm inspired by the jewels of European royalty. Evoking a sense of nostalgia and style, it creates a harmonious, elegant and chic aesthetic. Additionally, the Infanta Clemencia choker is the most contemporary piece that highlights the charm of the present. Made of sterling silver with white zircons, it measures 40 cm long.

Pamplona bride earringsbridal earrings spain

Queen Cornelia Earrings

As an exclusive piece from the Reina collection, the Reina Cornelia earrings are truly special. Its design carefully crafted in sterling silver and its combination with three green zircons create a dazzling effect. Without a doubt, it is a symbol of pure sophistication. As it is an exclusive piece, you will be the only person who owns it. You can find the Reina Cornelia earrings only in our physical BIJOYA store, located at C. de Tudela, 17, 31003 Pamplona, ​​Navarra.

bridal earrings spainpamplona bridal earringspamplona guest earrings

You can find these jewelry in your trusted jewelry store in Pamplona, ​​BIJOYA. Visit us at C. de Tudela, 17, 31003 Pamplona, ​​Navarra . You will find these jewels on our website if you want to buy online. For any questions, contact us at 948 15 00 86 .

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