The mayor of Pamplona in Sanfermines with BIJOYA jewelry

July 20, 2023

During Sanfermines 2023, the mayor of Pamplona, ​​Cristina Ibarrola, wore jewelry from BIJOYA jewelry at events such as Chupinazo, the procession and El Pobre de Mí, which were broadcast on national television. 

The color chosen for some of the jewelry was red, a characteristic color of the Sanfermines. With the aim of highlighting the symbolic connection and festive spirit, the perfect harmony between jewelry and tradition was created.

Next, we will present in detail the jewelry from BIJOYA, a jewelry store with more than fifty years of experience in the jewelry sector, which elevated Cristina Ibarrola's various looks during these Sanfermines.

Premium Coral Choker

During the exciting Chupinazo , our natural coral choker shone with splendor. With its gold clasp, this choker perfectly combines the beauty of coral with the luxury of precious metal. It is the ideal accessory to stand out on special occasions and add a touch of vitality to your style.

coral chokercoral choker
Photo by @crisibarrola_

Florence climbing earrings

The Florence climber earrings are made of sterling silver and plated in yellow gold. The mayor chose to wear them in conjunction with the dazzling Coral Premium choker, creating a youthful combination.

climbing earringsmarina garcia earrings
Photo by @diariodenavarra_oficial

Queen Matilda Earrings

During the second day of the festival, our Reina Matilda earrings were present in the streets of Pamplona. This piece, made of sterling silver and decorated with red and white zircons, captured everyone's attention. Its elegant teardrop-shaped design, highlighted by red zircons, added a touch of class to the mayor as she wore a typical costume during the procession. The Queen Matilda earrings are a perfect choice to stand out on special occasions and enhance feminine beauty with their charm and sophistication.

silver earrings

San Fermin

Infanta Edna Earrings

In El Pobre de Mí , the mayor wore the exclusive "Infanta Edna Earrings" from our house brand Dinastía Albina . These jewelry pieces are crafted from sterling silver and adorned with baguette-cut white zirconia stones and round white zirconia stones, all meticulously set in four-prong claws for a flawless finish.

silver earrings

sterling silver
Navarra Television

Get to know the Sanfermines jewelry that will elevate your look .

About Sanfermines

Every year, from July 6 to 15, the city of Pamplona celebrates Sanfermines. In honor of San Fermín, the patron saint of the city, people from all over the world turn the center of Pamplona into a scene full of energy for an entire week.

The Sanfermines are characterized by events such as the running of the bulls, parades, processions and concerts. Additionally, clothing plays a fundamental role during these dates. Participants dress in white clothing, a red scarf tied around their neck and a sash of the same color around their waist.

Photo by @diariodenavarra_oficial
san fermin pamplona
Photo by @diariodenavarra_oficial

Sanfermines Pamplona

Photo by @diariodenavarra_oficial

You can find these jewelry in your trusted jewelry store in Pamplona, ​​BIJOYA. Visit us at C. de Tudela, 17, 31003 Pamplona, ​​Navarra . Access our website if you want to buy online. For any questions, contact us at 948 15 00 86 .

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