Engagement rings Pamplona: How to choose the perfect engagement ring?

July 23, 2021

Choosing the perfect engagement ring is a very important decision. It is a jewel that commemorates one of the most important days in the life of your future wife.

It is said that there is an ideal engagement ring for every woman, and with the immense variety of possibilities that exist, taking into account all the details becomes essential. That is why at BIJOYA we will give you some tips that will make it easier for you when choosing the dream engagement ring in Pamplona for her.

1) Types of ring


Those engagement rings that usually feature a diamond or precious stone set in the middle of the metal ring. They are usually the typical choice for more classic brides.    

  • Claw setting
This type of setting allows the stone to be elevated to make it stand out. It is held by these “claws”, which are separated with an equal distance. The most common thing in engagement rings is to find the setting made on six or four claws.



Pamplona Carina diamond ring 0.50 cts (2,520 euros)     

  • Chaton setting

The main stone is wrapped in a metal edge that will allow for greater safety and protection.

 Pamplona Bingham diamond ring (438 euros)


  • Groove setting

In this case, several small stones or diamonds are placed next to each other simultaneously, creating the illusion that the overall size of the gem is larger. The design and its complexity will play a very important role in their layout.

Pamplona La Palma diamond ring (727 euros)

Half alliances or Lanes

Composed of a row of diamonds or precious stones placed at the top of the engagement ring, and up to the middle of the hoop. We can also find lanes that occupy a quarter of the alliance, three quarters or what is known as the “entire alliance” or “Catalan alliance”, in which the diamonds will go around the entire alliance.

  • Channel crimping

Channel setting is done by placing the diamonds or gemstones side by side along the metal ring. The designs may vary depending on the bride's own style. The size of the diamonds, as well as the quantity chosen, will vary the price of the engagement ring.

Sol Ring (1252 euros) La Gomera Ring (682 euros) Giza Ring (600 euros)

  • Bar crimping

This type of engagement rings are characterized by having a row of diamonds or precious stones in which each of these is set between two metal bars that allow them to be held respectively.

Eiffel Ring (547 euros) Cairo Ring (696 euros) Cairo Ring 0.479 cts (1235 euros)

Hybrid or halo ring

This type of engagement ring is a hybridization between a solitaire engagement ring and a half wedding ring. As in classic solitaires, there is a central stone in the ring, but in this case, it is accompanied by smaller stones placed like a track along the ring.

Krusadai Ring (638 euros) Gran Canaria (904 euros) Tenerife Ring (598 euros)

Crossed arm diamond

This is a type of solitaire solitaire in which the diamond or stone is held between two walls of the metal ring, or in tension. A delicate and fine design, which has greater complexity when carried out.

Tugela Ring (371 euros)
Moscow ring (884 euros)

2) Diamond cuts

The second thing to consider would be the size of the diamond for the engagement ring. At this point another wide range of options opens up. There are many varieties of shapes and sizes, and it will depend on the style of the bride and also the budget you have. In one of our previous posts, we delved into the structure and types of diamonds . This choice, once again, will also depend on what characterizes the bride's personality, whether it is more classic, more romantic, more elegant, more extravagant.

3) Stone color

Sometimes, the most distinctive details are chosen, and pieces with colored stones are given as gifts. The most advisable thing is to give a precious stone in the engagement ring. In this category we can find, in addition to the diamond, stones such as ruby, sapphire or emerald.

Ruby Lane Ring (490 euros) Sapphire Ring (1449 euros) Emerald Lane Ring (514 euros)

4) Prices
The larger the size of the diamond or stone chosen, the higher the price of the engagement ring, so each person's budget must be taken into account. Likewise, there are cheaper options if you decide to choose, for example, zircons instead of diamonds.

   Atenea Ring (214 euros) García Marquez Ring (239 euros)

If you need more help with engagement rings in Pamplona, ​​you can visit us at 17 Tudela Street.

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