BRIDES: How to choose earrings for your wedding?

June 24, 2021

More and more, brides are looking to reinvent themselves and give their special look a different, contemporary, but always elegant touch . Although the dress is the first thing a bride thinks about when imagining her wedding, the selection of jewelry to accompany the dress ends up playing a key role in completing the dream outfit.

BIJOYA offers quality options, authentic, elegant, but fundamentally, that will work like a time capsule, being timeless and lasting a lifetime. As is the memory of a long-awaited day. Quality that evokes memory.

In the search for the ideal bridal earrings , we try to meet the fundamental requirement of maintaining the idea of ​​not overloading, but rather accompanying and complementing. Enhance, through detail, the dress, the design, and primarily the features of the bride herself. But what should one take into account when choosing? Here we will explain it to you.

From ivory, pearl or ecru dresses to champagne, trends have been transforming. It is the latter, accompanied by gold earrings, a choice that continues to increase. That is why, to choose the right color of jewelry, the first thing to take into account is precisely the color of the dress.

Will the earring and heel go together? Blue, pink, cognac tones? These are questions that must be considered.


There are other factors that must also be kept in mind when choosing the correct bridal earrings. First of all, the neckline . The neckline serves to accentuate, stylize, and highlight what is necessary according to the bride's body type. The larger or more accentuated the neckline, the greater length the bridal earring can be given. Therefore, the steeper it is, it is advisable to opt for short slopes.

On the other hand, the face of the bride. If the bride has a rather oval face, the best option to accentuate her features would be preferably short earrings. If the face is rounder, what would best accompany in this case would be long earrings, to achieve stylization. The same with the hairstyle . With an updo hairstyle, long earrings will look better, while, with a semi-updo or loose hairstyle, short earrings will complement it better.

There is another question to resolve before definitively choosing your bridal earrings: What material should you buy them?

There is a wide variety of materials that you can choose for your wedding earrings , but the key thing is to always opt for an option that suits your style. If your choice is silver, you must take into consideration that the price varies between approximately 35 and 150 euros. At BIJOYA we have the Marina García line, a brand that is a friend of the house that offers a wide variety of bridal earrings, with a lot of personality to stand out.

On the other hand, another quite popular option for bridal earrings is gold with zircons, the price of which varies between 150 and 500 euros, depending on the amount of metal you prefer to use. Something similar happens with diamond earrings, another typical option for many brides. In this case, the price will also vary depending on the size of the stone chosen.


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