Wedding rings in Pamplona according to the wedding anniversary

March 20, 2023

Renewing wedding rings is a common way to celebrate wedding anniversaries. There are many celebrations according to the years of union of a couple, from paper weddings for one year of marriage, to bone weddings for 100 years of marriage.

In this blog we will give you ideas for gold wedding rings to commemorate the most important anniversaries.

The price of wedding rings varies depending on the size of the ring. The ring prices are calculated for a size 12. Don't know your ring sizes? You can click here to access our size guide .

If you want to see more rings you can visit our jewelry store in Pamplona , ​​where you will be advised by professionals for the occasion.

Wedding rings for 25 years

The 25th wedding anniversary is a very important milestone in a couple's life. Also known as the "silver wedding" , it represents a quarter of a century of love, commitment and teamwork. It is an occasion to celebrate everything you have achieved together and renew the vows you made 25 years ago.

18K yellow gold wedding bands 5mm. Glow
1 Brilliant 0.015ct
Ref. 750-P14-50-MI-6AAABBB-T12

For her

For him

One way to commemorate this special moment is with this 5mm 18K yellow gold wedding band with 1 diamond for her, available in yellow gold, white gold and red gold.

For him we have the same wedding ring without the diamond, also available in yellow gold, white gold and red gold.

The 25th wedding anniversary is a unique occasion to celebrate and remember everything that has been built together as a couple. These two wedding rings that we present to you are an elegant and lasting way to honor this important milestone in your relationship.

In our jewelry store you will find the perfect wedding rings in Pamplona. We will be happy to help you find the perfect wedding rings for your silver anniversary, and make this day even more special.

Wedding rings for 50 years

The 50th wedding anniversary, also known as the golden wedding anniversary , is an impressive achievement that deserves to be celebrated in style. After half a century together, a couple has experienced ups and downs and overcome challenges, but they have also built a life together full of love, commitment and companionship.

To commemorate this special occasion, many couples choose to renew their wedding vows and, of course, exchange new wedding rings.

18K yellow gold ring 3.5mm. Glow
31 Brilliants 0.465ct
Ref. 750-P4-35-MI-1A00B00-T12

For her

For him

If you are looking for a wedding ring that combines style and elegance, our 3.5mm 18K yellow gold wedding band is an excellent option. With 31 carefully placed diamonds, this wedding ring for her shines with a touch of glamor and sophistication, making it a truly special and unique piece. On the other hand, for him, we offer a more minimalist and masculine model that is perfect for any occasion.

At BIJOYA, we believe that each piece of jewelry should be as special and unique as the person wearing it and we ensure that every couple has a unique piece that reflects their love and commitment.

Wedding rings for 75 years

75 years of marriage is an impressive feat and a true testament to eternal love, perseverance and commitment to each other. Couples who make it to marble weddings have overcome challenges and maintained a strong connection over the years, which deserves to be celebrated in a special way.

To honor this occasion, many couples opt for symbolic gifts, and one of the most popular options is a unique wedding ring. 

Two-tone 18K gold alliance. 4.5mm
38 Brilliants 0.380ct
Ref. 750-P7-45-ES-5ABADDD-T7

The BIJOYA two-tone gold wedding ring is an excellent option for a couple celebrating their Brilliant Weddings. This elegant and timeless piece of jewelry is made of 18K white and yellow gold, making it strong and durable.

The combination of the two shades of gold adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the piece, making it a perfect gift for this special occasion.

BIJOYA's two-tone wedding bands are an elegant and timeless option. In our jewelry store in Pamplona you will find a wide range of options to choose from.

If you want to see alliances already configured you can click here.

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