Rose gold wedding rings: original alliances

March 04, 2023

In this blog we talk about our original 18-karat rose gold wedding rings.

You can visit our complete catalog of alliances or design them to your liking. You can also see them our jewelry store in Pamplona.

Original 18kt rose gold wedding rings

These alliances are ideal for couples looking to break with classic lines.

There are different decorations and shapes that you can add to your wedding ring to give it a modern touch. It is also possible to have a two-color, and even tricolor, wedding ring.

Below you can see models of rings with all possible decorations and shapes.

Original 18kt rose gold wedding ring decorations

It's time to bring out your creative streak and be inspired by these different recordings to decorate your wedding ring.

Decor Wedding rings

Walking trails

Short, horizontal lines along the ring.


Line pattern inspired by basketry.


Two dotted lines drawn on the edges of the alliance.


A wave in the center of the ring.


Layout made in the middle of the alliance.


A groove with a glossy finish in the center of the ring.


Alliance with obliquely cut edges.


Wedding ring with both edges carved.


Small unevenness on both edges.


Satin groove in the center of the ring.


Alliance with nut effect.

Did you like any of these alliances? You can design yours here!

Shapes of the original rose gold alliances

Below we will show you the different profiles that an original alliance can have:

Original alliance profiles Wedding rings


One of our best-selling alliances. It has a polygonal profile.


If we counted these rings in half we would see a cone-shaped profile.


Effect of two combined rings, in profile it looks like a cloud.

Double plane

Effect of two combined rings with a flat surface.


Wedding ring with “U” shaped surface.

Modern two-tone alliances with rose gold

We can have a modern wedding ring without adding engravings to the surface of the ring or designing it with different profiles.

Two colors can be mixed in the same alliance at different levels. It can be just a thin stripe, or the entire half of the ring in another color of gold.

In the case of rose gold, the most popular combination is with white gold. It is a nice contrast of the cold tones of white gold with the warm tones of red gold.

If you liked white gold in wedding rings, you can read more about 18K white gold wedding rings here.

A more unusual combination is rose gold with yellow gold. There is less contrast in both colors so the two-tone effect is more discreet.

Did you like the yellow gold wedding rings? You can discover all the 18-karat yellow gold wedding ring options here.

Still don't know which wedding ring you would like the most? We encourage you to visit us at 17 Tudela Street in Pamplona , ​​where you will be advised by professionals and you will be able to see all our models in person.

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