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June 29, 2022


Imagine a town with cobblestone streets, aristocratic houses, medieval galleries and magnificent churches. Imagine its people talking, the merchants advertising their wares, the farmers plowing the fields and vineyards outside the walls.

Imagine a beautiful castle dominating the city, with magnificent towers, luxurious rooms and the best gardens in which to grow crops.

Stop imagining, because what we tell you is not a mirage. This is a very real place, located in the Middle zone of Navarra. Its name is Olite and its castle, the Royal Palace.

olite jewelry


The real corners that Olite offers are perfect for the moment of ordering. Stop by our store and find your ideal ring. You can also see the different ring collections on our jewelry website .

Our TOP sales of engagement rings in Olite .

  1. The Fuerteventura ring is a solitaire ring in 18K white gold with a central diamond surrounded by 8 diamonds, with a diamond track on the arm.

  2. The La Gomera engagement ring is a special ring in 18-karat white gold with three crossed arms with one of them set in diamonds.

  3. The Mackinac engagement ring is an 18K white gold ring with three crossed arms with a central diamond and two arms with a diamond track.

  4. The Coliseo engagement ring is a half-wedding ring in 18K white gold that has 11 prong-set diamonds. We can find this piece in 4 different sizes, the smallest being 0.10cts. and the largest of 0.50 cts.


After the proposal comes the big day, the wedding. In our collection of ideal alliances you will find yours. You can also create your alliance from scratch on our website.

They are all made of 18-karat gold. We have some designs of diamond wedding rings available.

  1. Comfort white 3.5mm wedding ring made of 18-karat white gold with a central gloss finish and a matte finish on the sides. The width of the ring is 3.5mm.

  2. 3mm two-tone flat wedding ring in 18 carat gold. One half is made of white gold and the other half contains two bezels together made of yellow gold. The width of the ring is 3mm.

  3. 3mm flat wedding ring in 18K white gold with a rhombus-shaped design. The width of the ring is 3mm.

  4. 3mm comfort wedding ring in 18-karat yellow gold, with a design that alternates diagonal lines of different textures. The width of the ring is 3mm.

Are you looking for alliances in Olite? Click here to see our collection of BIJOYA alliances

Do you want to design your own alliance from Olite? Enter ouralliance configurator to design yours.


We have an incredible collection of bridal earrings, pendants and bracelets made in 18-karat gold with diamonds and sterling silver.

Our TOP sales of high jewelry for brides in Olite .

  1. The Magat bridal earrings are made of 18-karat white gold with two Australian pearls and a total of 12 brilliant-cut diamonds. The earring measures 2.3 cm long and the pearl measures 9.5 mm.

  2. The Rothenburg bridal earrings are long 18-karat white gold earrings with 38 brilliant-cut diamonds.

  3. The Caelum bridal bracelet is a riviere oval bracelet made of 18-karat white gold with 80 brilliant-cut diamonds.

  4. The Cala choker is ideal for your wedding dress. It is an 18-karat white gold choker with a brilliant-cut diamond solitaire set in four claws.

Our TOP sales of bridal earrings in Olite

  1. The Flower earrings are earrings made of sterling silver with a rhodium plating and white zirconia.

  2. The Aire Choker copy is a rhodium-plated sterling silver choker, white zirconia and deep pink synthetic stone.

  3. The Tamara bracelet is a bracelet made of rhodium-plated sterling silver and white zirconia.

  4. Geneve bridal hoop earrings are made of rhodium-plated sterling silver with white zirconia.


We have a wide collection of fine jewelry with elegant and fine designs. You can obtain them from our website . The jewelry client is a business woman, as she decides to invest in the best material, gold.

TOP sale of diamond earrings in Olite

The Óbidos earrings are inspired by the Portuguese village that receives the same name.Obidos comes from Latin and means fortified city, which is why these earrings simulate the fortification of the town. The earrings are made of 18-karat white gold with 82 brilliant-cut diamonds.

TOP sale of diamond chokers in Olite

The carnation choker is a semi-rigid choker in 18-karat white gold with a round pendant with 9 brilliant-cut diamonds, ideal for a wedding dress with a neckline.

TOP sale of diamond rings in Olite

This beautiful ring is inspired by the city Mirny in Russia. What draws the most attention in this city is the open pit mine. It is the largest diamond mine in Russia. The Mir kimberlite mine gives the city its name and is what almost all of the city's activity revolves around. It is an 18-karat white gold ring with a diamond set in claws.

TOP sale of diamond bracelet in Olite

The Diana bracelet is a riviere rectangle bracelet. 18-karat white gold with 155 brilliant-cut diamonds.


Our minimal piece designs are made up of fine and elegant lines that will accompany you on a daily basis. All of them are made entirely of the noblest material, gold.

Our TOP sales of earrings in Olite .

  1. Montpeillier earrings are intertwined Creole earrings in 18K yellow gold and white gold.

  2. The Aro Flor earrings are earrings made of 18-karat yellow gold, from which two flowers hang. The earrings are 1.7 cm high.

  3. The MONTREY yellow gold earrings are made of 18k gold with the MONTREY faucet. The earrings measure 1 cm.

  4. The Zoe earrings are earrings made of 18-karat white gold and zircons.

TOP sales of 18kt gold necklaces in Olite

  1. Our Mare choker is an 18k white gold choker with a London blue topaz that is set in four prongs. The chain is double position.

  2. TheLeizpzig choker is an 18 carat choker with a blue topaz. The chain has a double position. It is a perfect choker for a colored look.

  3. Our pink Clover choker is made of 18K rose gold with a clover set with 28 brilliant-cut diamonds.

  4. The Lancaster choker is a choker made of 18-karat rose gold with a circular motif studded with brilliant-cut black diamonds. It is perfect for everyday use due to its versatility.

TOP sales of fine 18kt gold bracelets in Olite

  1. The New Delhi bracelet is a bracelet with two-tone oval motifs in 18K yellow and white gold. It is a more daring piece due to the oval motifs.

  2. Our Kilimanjaro bracelet is an 18K yellow gold rolo perfect for everyday wear.

  3. The two gold bracelet is a two-tone bracelet with oval motifs in 18 yellow and white gold.

  4. The pink bar bracelet is a very elegant two-tone bracelet made of 18-karat pink and white gold.

TOP sales of gold rings in Olite

  1. The Brown ring is a special ring made of 18-karat pink gold with a double track, one with white zirconias and the other with graduated smoked stones.

  2. Our Bleu ring is a solitaire ring in 18K white gold with a half-ring of brilliant-cut diamonds and sapphires. It has 6 diamonds and 6 sapphires.

  3. The Hestia ring is a ring made of 18-karat yellow gold, a double hoop with two round motifs, one in smooth gold and the other in zircons.

  4. Our yellow diamond triplet ring is a ring in 18-karat yellow gold, with four brilliant-cut diamonds individually set in chaton.


Baby earrings made of 18-karat gold for the littlest ones in the house, available online. Visit our catalog here to see all the designs.

Our TOP sales of baby and girl earrings at Olite .

  1. Baby earrings made of 18-karat white gold, solitaire in the shape of a zirconia flower with a screw system.

  2. Square turquoise baby earrings made of 18K yellow gold and turquoise, screw closure system.

  3. Panda girl earrings made of 18-karat yellow gold, panda shape with black and white enamel, screw closure system.

  4. Pearl heart baby earrings made of 18-karat yellow gold, with a cultured pearl and a smooth gold heart in the center, with a screw closure

Are you looking for jewelry in Olite? Buy online in our store! We have a wide online jewelry catalog, click here .

Our physical store is located in the heart of Pamplona on 17 Tudela Street.

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