Diamond wedding bands: What to take into account when choosing them?

March 20, 2023

Diamond wedding bands have become a trend in the bridal jewelry sector. Nowadays they are added to wedding rings with avant-garde designs and even to classic wedding rings to give them a modern touch.

There are different models of wedding rings to which you can add the amount of diamonds you want, and depending on how it is set we can give the ring a different style.

In this article we will explain everything you have to take into account when choosing your diamond wedding rings. If you need more advice you can visit us at our jewelry store in Pamplona .

Diamond setting in wedding rings

The setting is the way the diamond is held . Its function is to hold the gemstone in place and plays a key role in the final outcome of diamond wedding bands.

Depending on the setting, the diamond may shine more or less. In diamond wedding rings we can have two types of setting, level and pavé.

With level setting , the diamond does not protrude from the surface of the ring.

Wedding band with "level" setting

 On the other hand, if you are looking for a more square effect, you can opt for the “ pavé” setting.

Wedding band with pavé setting

We recommend you choose the one that you like and makes you feel comfortable.

The distribution of diamonds in wedding rings

The distribution of the diamonds in the ring can vary according to your preferences. They can be all together or distributed throughout the ring.

In this wedding ring we have a considerable space between the diamonds.

18K yellow gold ring 3.5mm. Brightness<br /> 15 HVS Brilliants 0.225ct - P1-35-1-750-1-A-B-15-BTE0015HSI-R-D-C-T7

Alliance with distributed diamonds

In this alliance the diamonds are closer to each other.

Alliance with diamonds together


The size of diamonds in wedding rings

Diamond sizes can vary from 0.005cts., 0.010cts., 0.015cts., 0.020cts., 0.040cts., up to 0.06cts.

Here you can see the different brilliants together in a Level setting. You will see how the larger the diamonds, the less quantity there will be in the ring.

19 diamonds, each 0.005cts.


18 diamonds, each 0.010cts.

15 diamonds, each 0.015 cts.

14 diamonds, each 0.020 cts.

12 diamonds, each 0.040cts.

10 diamonds, each 0.060cts.

Now we show you how the pave setting looks with different distributions of diamonds. These wedding rings have separation of diamonds together.

And these wedding bands have diamonds distributed.

You can see the different models in our jewelry store in Pamplona. You can also contact us by email by clicking here.

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