How to choose earrings for newborns or girls?

June 07, 2021

earrings for girls and babies

In this article we will explain everything you need to know to choose the best children's earring, as well as care for both newborns and girls. Knowing how to choose children's earrings is not an easy task, doubts will arise such as what is the best material for this type of earrings, what is the best type of closure or what is the best shape that the earring should have so that our newborn or girl can wear it. find comfortable.

BIJOYA is also an online children's jewelry store where you can find the earring that best suits your baby or girl. We have one of the largest catalogs of children's earrings with various shapes, sizes, types and colors so that your little ones look the most beautiful.


The skin of a newborn is sensitive, so special attention must be paid to its delicacy. We recommend buying children's earrings made of 18-karat gold (first law) , since gold is such a pure material, it will fulfill its hypoallergenic function.


The size of the earring will always match the size of your face, so it should be small. It is recommended that the first earrings measure between 3 and 4 millimeters . For girls one year old and older, the most appropriate measurements will be between 5 and 7 millimeters .


It is essential to take into account the shape of the earring when choosing the children's earring for our girl. It is very important that the baby and girl's earrings are comfortable, since they are ages in which they sleep a lot and it is important that they feel comfortable with them on.

For this reason, we must avoid earrings that have a pointed shape, are hoops, or have hanging motifs. On the contrary, it is recommended that they have a screw closure , be simple, small, thin, round or with a small motif. 


We have to remind you that it is also essential to move the earring in both newborns and girls, making turns to clean the dirt that remains around it with water or alcohol and gauze or cotton. This cleaning must be done frequently so that dirt does not accumulate on our little ones.


Below, we give you some examples of the type of earrings that you can buy online or in store for your babies or your girls. BIJOYA has one of the largest catalogs of children's jewelry.

Smooth ball baby earring

Smooth ball baby earring

Baby heart earring

Girl's turquoise claw earring

Baby coral claw earring

Flower baby earring

Star baby earring

Pearl baby earring
Baby flower earring yellow gold and zirconia

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