Watches for business

At BIJOYA we have high-end watches for both men and women, providing elegant options to complement the image and style of your professional team. Below, we present the brands we work with.


With more than 200 different models of Hamilton watches, made exclusively with Swiss machinery, you can find your ideal watch from €475 in our collection. To see the models click here.

Hamilton is a brand with an American spirit with Swiss precision, founded in 1892. It has seven different collections of which you can learn more in our

href="">article about Hamilton .


The luxury women's watch brand, MONTREY, features Swiss machinery parts and 18-karat gold. The price of the watches is €3,852. Beam click here to see MONTREY women's watches.

MONTREY offers women who seek elegance, style and exclusivity, high quality 18k gold jewelry. A MONTREY watch elevates your look while helping you build the best version of yourself.


Can customize the watch face with your company logo or with another inscription you want.

These are some of our watch customization jobs for companies:

Viceroy watches with the Tasubina logo on the dial

Clock in tribute to Miguel Induráin

Watch made of 18 carat gold with Swiss machinery.To refer to the speed of the cyclist, the sphere is made from a sheet of meteorite that fell in Alaska.

In itlower end of the box has the emblem of the map of Navarra. In addition, the back of the case is engraved with the years in which Induráin won the tour de France.

To learn more about our business watches, contact us by email at or call us at 948 15 00 86 . We are located at C. de Tudela, 17, 31003 Pamplona, ​​Navarra .

If you want to download our complete catalog of gifts for companies you can do click here.