Albina and her husband, Pablo, opened their first jewelry store in Navarra in 1969. Albina was a passionate woman, with a taste for jewelry, and great elegance. She enjoyed her work and spending entire afternoons advising brides and guests who were getting married with her jewelry. He was, without a doubt, the life of any party and was never short of a glass of champagne to toast.

Dinastía Albina is much more than a jewelry brand for brides and guests. It is an extension of Albina's legacy,who always put family and the things that really matter first.

With this new brand, the family of jewelers, owners of BIJOYA, and the MONTREY brand, follows the path of its founder, offering unique pieces so that every woman feels special on her most important day and those to come.

Our mission is to make you feel like a queen at the most important celebrations through pieces inspired by royalty.

We want wearing our jewelry to be synonymous with celebration, so that you can elevate any look and feel attractive, powerful and unique in the most important moments of your lives.